Monday, 21 March 2016

5 Most common packing mistakes you make while moving

Moving from one place to another seems very easy, but in-fact it is very daunting task. While moving without movers people make some huge mistakes which cost them both time and money. Here are 5 most common Packing mistakes while moving.
  • Overloading the boxes: 

Do not pack 100 Pounds in just one small box. Often times the boxes will break or tear during transport. This will result in loss of your precious luggage. Keep the boxes as light as possible. 
Mix heavy items with spacious but light items.
Make sure to put a lot of tape around the boxes. Also if possible wrap the boxes in a plastic coating, so they do not tear-off.

  • Not properly packing fragile items: 

Fragile items such as glass and paintings require very special care while moving. Dropping of any boxes might result in a huge damage. Always pack fragile items with bubble wrap and cardboard or sponge.  You can also use airbags to protect them.
  • Not hiring Moving Companies: 

This is probably the biggest mistake of all! They provide full moving service. Moving companies are expert at moving and transferring your luggage with care. They offer fastest moving and packing solutions at a very reasonable price.
  • Being Emotional: 

Do not pack everything! Instead take a photo or video instead and save it on the cloud! Leave unnecessary things behind. Do not get too clingy with labeling everything.   Do not waste time reminding your old memories when you find something old. It will waste several important hours.

  • Not making a check list

Always make a checklist of important items, make sure to double check before moving out. Make a check list of all the boxes, instead of giving them individual numbers. Make sure to check your transport vehicle for any left luggage before you move.

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