Tuesday, 15 June 2021

12 Best Tips For Moving In Summer


Did you know that summer is the peak moving season? Summer months are some of the busiest months for moving as families are moving to new homes after the end of the school year to give their kids time to settle before the new school year begins. Moving in the busy peak moving season can therefore be quite a stressful affair. You will not only most likely deal with a higher cost of moving but also, the packing and other moving tasks will be even more difficult due to the scorching heat and humidity. Fortunately, we’ve included 12 great tips that will help ease your moving process if you are moving in the summer:

Book Your Moving Professionals in Advance

If you are moving to Portland, hire movers Portland early enough as this is the season when movers are most in demand and therefore, it is important to book the in advance as failure to do so will leave you with limited moving dates as well as undesirable options. Remember in this season of summer heat, you snooze, you lose and hence, determine your ideal move date and book your mover months in advance.

Use Moving Discounts

Summer is an expensive time to move due to high demand that causes moving company rates to shoot up. Fortunately, you can get discounts from moving companies Oregon and therefore offset these costs. Remember the earlier you book, the higher your chances of getting a good discount.

Choose to Move Mid-Week or Mid-Month

This is typically less costly than moving at the beginning or end of the month as well as on weekends.

Start Early

You want to start your move as early as possible before the summer heat takes its toll.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

What you wear on your summer moving day can determine your comfort. Choose cottons or linens to stay cool and ensure you wear them in light colors.

Pack Early

Once you hire movers in Portland, pick up your boxes and pack early ensuring you keep track of items that can be damaged by heat such as electronics, antiques, books, vinyl records, photographs etc.

Ensure your overnight bags are in your car not in the moving truck.

Have utilities in your new home already set up. You don’t want to move and have no air conditioning as you transport things and unpack.

Be kind to your movers and give them cold water and if possible, snacks. They get hot too.

Stay hydrated. Prepare your water for the journey in advance.

Take care of your skin. Ensure you apply sunscreen to your face, neck arms and feet.

Prepare for the drive as you may run into traffic. Service your car before hand and prepare water and snacks and great music or podcasts for the road!

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